Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Know your national team

Who is this? Here's a hint if you're stumped.


Anonymous said...

A young Steve McQueen?

A.C. said...

You might not be able to see his height due to the limited photo, but Steve McQueen probably wished he was this tall.

My Opinion Over Yours said...

Hopefully the high concentration of Euro boys will help end the poor run they've had on that continent.

Tally Hall look's Bob Bradley-esque in that picture.

Any predicitions on the starting XI?

A.C. said...

Tally ho!

You're correct on the i.d.

Der FuƟballhund said...

I'm curious who you think might surpass Donovan as the most complete player. There are several young Americans playing over in Europe now who still have a lot of growing room. Bradley, Feilhaber,Purdy, Szetela, Zimmerman and Zizzo are 22 or younger. Several have earned starting spots with their clubs. My vote would be for either Feilhaber or Bradley.

A.C. said...

I'd have to go with Feilhaber, but there's a lot of potential out there among the other choices as well.

You didn't mention Freddy, who I consider an option, or Altidore, who I think will be a U.S. young 'un abroad in a year or so.