Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Andrew, not Andrea

Andrew Rogers, my colleague at soccer365, with his take on Hope Solo, Greg Ryan, and the USWNT.

More from Christine Brennan of USAToday.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, please help us mere mortals get to the bottom of this!

Coach Ryan MUST go!

pat said...

I agree with Anonymous. I'm kind of afraid that this story is going to just fade away.

In this case, there's just something so sickly wrong here - something so deeply dysfunctional - it needs to be exposed.

And eradicated.

enganche said...

Good interview with Christine Brennan, thank you for providing the link. But listening to that interview I never knew Truman Capote was a sports talk radio host in the Bay Area!

On a serious note though the more you read about this US women's team and their treatment of Hope Solo the more disgusted you get and realize just how petty they acted in ostracizing Solo.

What Solo said occurre din the ehat of the moment and even if you think she was criticizing Scurry's goalkeeping abilities, it was said in the heat of the moment. That isn't as bad as Scurry several years after the fact criticizing then goalie Mullinix by saying if she (Scurry) had played in a particular game she would have won it. That in my opinion is far worse than what Solo said because Scurry had time to think about her statements and didn't say it in a rush right after the fact like Solo did. But Scurry is one of the "insiders" so her behaviour was excused while Solo's wasn't.

Anonymous said...

The more you find out about this the uglier everyone looks. Solo is guilty of losing her head for about 5 minutes,under great duress. Most of us can identify with making a stupid mistake. But Ryan and "senior team members" now look like they have been responsible for a more calculated, sleazy move than first appeared.

The USWMNT were supposed to be great role models and now they look very mean and catty. What a waste.