Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In Ante's place

Ante Razov is out for the season but that doesn't mean Chivas USA's done. There is still enough quality on the team to fill in for Ante but the club will need to find a way to fill that void, and soon.

What's best for the team is probably to put Laurent Merlin alongside Maykel Galindo. Merlin won't draw the attention from defenders that Razov did but that might be a good thing, since Merlin is a fine distributor of the ball.

Really, though, Razov's absence just means the midfield needs to contribute even more than it has. The pressure will fall squarely on the shoulders of Francisco Mendoza and Sacha Kljestan. If those two can add some consistent finishing in the playoffs, teams will be forced to pay more attention to the midfielders and open up more room for Galindo and Merlin.

Another option might be Ramon Nunez. He's a bit small - he and Panchito are from the same mold - but he's got skill. He hasn't really shown his full worth yet but that's more because he hasn't been getting a lot of minutes.

Still, though, Chivas USA isn't about Ante Razov. It's not a team that's geared toward any one player, as great a player Ante is.


FC Uptown said...

Nunez? Come on now.

Anonymous said...

Merlin doesn't have a physical killer instinct when taking on defenders, but he does show more confidence in front of the box.
Cunliffe is still coming around. I think 2008 is his year, especially if Galindo leaves for greener pastures.
Nunez? I don't think he has much time with the first team to garner attention. He could be a sleeper, but probably not.
Where's Matt Taylor when you need him? Sorry, I just had to do it.