Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another border skirmish

Jaime Cardenas of the LA Times had a chat with Hugo Sanchez on Monday, and I'll wait for the full story of their conversation to come out in Wednesday's paper.

But one thing Jaime shared with us is news of a friendly match Mexico will play in 2008. It seems that Mexico and the United States will meet up again in February. Unsure of the time, date, TV, site, etc.

The TV, of course, is what could screw this all up, just like it did the proposed match in September in Azteca. Telemundo (who owns the Mexican national team's rights) and Univision (who has the same for the USMNT) need to figure something out between them because broadcasting these games is good for both networks.

Anyway, the game would likely take place somewhere in the Southwest. Arizona has the Super Bowl so don't expect the game there. Cold-weather cities are likely out which leaves Southern California and Texas as the most likely options.

Wherever it is, this seems like a must-watch or must-attend match as it was in February 2007.


JT (Chicago) said...

Why won't this next match be played in Mexico?

adam said...

The FMF website shows the game listed for feb. 6th.