Sunday, October 14, 2007

Going for broke

Chivas USA lost for the first time at home this season. It wasn't too costly a loss, but Chivas USA was eliminated from contention for the Supporters Shield. They still have a good chance of winning the Western Conference and would do so if RSL beats Houston on Monday.

They wanted to take care of business on Sunday, though. But it didn't happen that way. They didn't want just a draw but instead of a win, they suffered defeat and gave Colorado renewed hope that they could also reach the postseason.

"A tie didn't really do anything for us. Whether we tied or lost it, it really didn't matter except for our home win streak or what not," Brad Guzan said. "At that point, we're pushing for a win and you have to. In this scenario, you try and get three points from the game. Unfortunately we didn't get any."

I actually disagree a little bit with Brad. A point would have forced Houston to beat RSL. With 53 points, Houston would have been five points back with two games left and thus a draw would have eliminated them from contention for the top spot in the West.

However, it was their desire to get a win that cost them the game on Sunday. Can't fault them for that.

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