Monday, October 15, 2007

Get on the wagon

Some MLS players read our little blog here, at least some from the local teams. But Orlando Perez apparently isn't one of them. Had he followed our blog in recent weeks, he'd have known that one of his favorite performers was cheering his team on recently.

After Sunday's game with the Rapids, Perez answered questions dressed in his street clothes. He sported a sky blue T-shirt that read "The Smiths" on it, complete with silhouettes of band members. When asked about it, he said it was one of his favorite bands.

I think all of us reporters around him all assumed he'd worn it in honor of Morrissey, who took in a Chivas USA-Galaxy game recently from the sidelines while wearing a Chivas USA shirt.

Perez, though, said he had no idea.

"Wow. I didn’t even know that. Wow. I wish I would have known. And he was in concert for 10 days. No one tells us anything. You guys should have let me know like a couple of weeks ago."

I tried, buddy. I tried.


Matt L said...

Need to have Mo-man do a concert after the first playoff game. Pay him with a luxury box or midfield sideline seats for next season.

Sports Betting Man said...

Great taste, great band!!