Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I guess that would sum up the match. Crazy. Six red cards. Each team ends up with nine men. Guatemala scores early, Mexico answers, Guatemala ties it and then wins it while a man up and Mexico's late rally falls short.

Of course, I had Mexico winning 2-0. Guess I'm glad I didn't put any money on it.


East River said...

The ref was aweful what country did that guy come from? Please don't let him officiate a qualifier involving the US. Talking about missed calls.

On the other side, Mexico looked and played like a young team. They made plenty of stupid mistakes and got punished by a team stacked with hacks and divers. Mexico tried their own version of that as well, but the Guats have truely perfected the art of ugly bull sh** soccer.

That was soccer? More like an exhibition match displaying the early forms of rugby and American football. No wonder why the game was played with grid iron lines.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Nice rugby win for Guatemala. Lol.

The referee reminded me of a keystone cop.

The yound lads for Mexico will remember this one. So if the lesson that Hugo wanted to teach was adversity while playing a team of hacks, divers, and a full repetoire of tricks. Mission accomplished.

You know, I really like Ruiz but he keeps embarrassing himself and his country. For a long time he was my favorite player in MLS but his antics are getting ludicrous.

JT (Chicago) said...

Okay, it was just a friendly but isn't it amazing how many "friends" find you the morning after a loss?

A Guatemalan guy I know from coaching youth soccer pops up behind me at the gas station to give me grief about the result. I haven't seen the guy in about a year.

Then a USA fan (who still refuses to believe that I do want BOTH the USA and Mexico to succeed) shows up at the same gas station and says what a great day it is when the US wins in Europe while Mexico loses to a CONCACAF team.

Finally, another USA fan (these guys have only been following the sport since '02) flags me down in the parking lot to remind me who the best team in North America is.

What a way to end 2007 for Mexico and its fans. I wonder how many more USA fans will contact me before the day is done?

Anonymous said...

who cares how long somebody has been following the sport? to be honest, for a fan of US soccer there wasn't much to follow closely before 02. don't be a jerk.

JT (Chicago) said...

anon at 6:44am,

Those three guys I mentioned are my friends and they knew that today was the day for banter.

The Guatemalan had to get in his digs because that's the first time they beat Mexico in a long time. He sure found me early this morning.

As to the two USA fans, they became fans because I bugged them for 10 years from 1992 to give the sport a chance. I begged them to go to the WC with me. I told them about Lalas, Harkes, & Wynalda and how they should get behind the boys in '94, especially against Brazil on the 4th of July. They resisted, always coming up with the boring sport line, until they saw the US beat Mexico in WC 2002.

That did it for them. Made their day then, and each time since. I should have left them in their soccer bashing bliss. Oh well.

Which is to say that I do welcome all newcomers to the sport no matter which team they support, or how late in life they come to the table. I still actively tell people to give the sport a chance.

BUT anon at 6:44am, I reserve the right to be a jerk following a loss. Love this sport!

Anonymous said...

fair enough jt. sorry for jumping on ya. just a pet peeve of mine. have a good one.

DanR said...

Actually with Hugo and his hubris, and the quality of the Mexico side, I think that the US-Mexico rivalry will be at its peak come next year.

I can't wait.