Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coliseum crowd count

The attendance for the Mexico-Guatemala match: 42,349.

That's 15,349 more than Home Depot Center but this game would have been waaaaay better at HDC. I mean, it's better to have 100 percent seats filled instead of 50 percent of them sitting empty.


East River said...

Wow this game is exciting but way ugly at the same time. 6 red cards? For the 2nd time in a month some intentionally put a foot to Carlos Ruiz. A head coach and a member of his staff both red carded. A keeper got kicked or brushed in the head. Dirty fouls, fans throwing stuff on the field, player during goal celebrations flips. One full blown fight.The Ref lost control before the end of the 1st half, you could just see it coming. An this was a friendly more like a circus...Unreal simply unreal!

Mike Toole said...

Tremendously entertaining ugliness out there tonight! I think my favorite is the hilariously obvious penalty call for Mexico in stoppage that resulted in a yellow to the striker for diving.

Don't get me wrong, I giggle when el Tri lose, but that was clear as day. Great job chapines-- now look for Mexico to get their revenge should they meet in WC qualifiers.

JT (Chicago) said...

I agree that the HDC would have been better for the atmosphere but wouldn't the attendance be even lower because it's a "School night"? Isn't that restriction still in place to limit attendance (like the SuperLiga Final)? Isn't the limit something like 17,000?