Thursday, October 4, 2007

Becks and his boys

Yay! My article on the new arrivals to MLS made the cover of Futbol Mundial. There's a Futbol Mundial USA in English, too. It's available as an insert in USA Today Sports Weekly. I also have the same article in English in the English-language version, but sometimes they have different cover art.

The cover guys with Beckham were also all the ones in our Newcomer poll, with Luciano Emilio beating out Juan Pablo Angel for the win. Kudos, DC fans.


FC Uptown said...

No Denilson I see. I heard a rumor that he has played his last minute here in Dallas.

sanskritg said...

Translation for "opacan"?


Anonymous said...

Opacan in this case means overshows.

Anonymous said...

I mean overshadows....
By the by. FĂștbol Mundial is in Spanish and comes out monthly in the top Spanish language newspapers in the to 10 Hispanic Markets.
FĂștbol Mundial USA is in English and comes out six times a year in USA Today Sports Weekly to to clear that up a little bit.