Sunday, July 8, 2007

We want Gabe!

It's intrinsic human nature to want more, more, more. As well as the core of forwards that Rongen has used in the U20 World Cup thus far have played (all have assists or goals), there's still curiosity about what the others can offer.

Especially when it comes to Gabe Ferrari, who plays professionally in Italy. He looked good in the pre-tournament friendly match versus Haiti, and I for one was hoping to see him in this competition even in brief appearances.

Granted, Rongen's hands have been somewhat tied - given that he had a player injured in the second match, and was clinging to a lead versus a strong team in another match. That lends itself to more defensive subs, but I'm hoping that a situation comes up before long where we get to see some new offensive skill.


Adam Spangler said...

what is the love fest with Ferrari?

is it just because he plays in Italy?

And it's not just you, but I was hoping you might be able to explain it more? Everybody is on his...

L.B. said...

Andrea will explain it her way, but my thought is that he has a cool last name.

Clearly, if his name was Gabe Ford, he'd not be held in the same regard.

A.C. said...

Did you see Gabe play? He's not as fast as Johan (who is?) or as athletic as Jozy (who is?), but he's more technical and holds up the ball really well.

Considering that would allow Freddy and the wings to make more runs, I'd like to see that play out.

My pick for breakout forward in this tourney was Johan, by the way.

I hope I didn't jinx him.