Thursday, July 19, 2007

To play or not to play

According to ESPN, David Beckham will suit up and play on Saturday.

How come I'm not buying that story? Is it because ESPN has a lot invested in the game and needs him to play to avoid a lot of pissed off people complaining about the game? Is that their way of leaning on Beckham to play?

I called Beckham's PR people and was told that the report is not true (there's a shocker) and that the decision to play Beckham has not been made (again, stunning). That Beckham will even train with the team on Friday hasn't even been decided.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that ESPN.

They win either way--they go all Becks all the time or they have their talking heads discuss how Beckham is a miserable failure and nobody in this country likes soccer (except the illegals, but it's not like they count).

Just for the lulz I hope he doesn't play 'til next year.