Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sources? Ha!

Sources told ESPN that David Beckham would suit up and play on Saturday, but the real David Beckham told ESPN that things didn't look good.

So much for that "sources" garbage ESPN tried to pull. The story I linked to earlier that boasted "Sources: Beckham will suit up against Chelsea" now sends you to a story with the headline "Beckham's debut will likely be delayed due to injury."

Beckham was in Colorado for the All-Star game and at halftime told Rob Stone of ESPN2:

"I'm still having a lot of treatment. At the moment it doesn't look good that I'm going to play because the swelling is still there. I'm here for five years. I'm not here just obviously for the game on Saturday."


Anonymous said...

Uh, wrong sir. Saturday was the one day all (real) Americans were gonna give soccer a chance, but now ... now you've gone and killed soccer in the U.S. forever! Forever!

On another note, I saw Victoria's show again today (yep, I've watched it both times it aired. My life's exciting that way). I think I kinda love her.

Anonymous said...

Well, it ain't Veron.

El Clarin is reporting that Veron is being pursued by D.C. United, not Chivas USA.

So who is this mystery signing Luis keeps talking about?

El Loquito?

El Chueco said...

all this injury thing is part of the hype. It adds mystery and suspense...
Just watch, he'll play tomorrow. Why do you think they've been having closed practices the last couple of days? He's been training with the team!, that's why....