Monday, July 16, 2007

LB Rankings (July 16)

1. Houston (10-5-3). Setting new records in quest to repeat.
2. FC Dallas (9-6-3). To quote a reader's recent comment: Toja! Toja! Toja!
3. Chivas USA (7-5-3). Missing piece to championship puzzle could arrive soon.
4. Kansas City (7-5-4). Recovered from blowing two-goal lead with home shutout win.
5. New England (7-3-5). Revs pull out crucial road victory.
6. D.C. United (7-5-3). Defensive issues resurface... or did they ever leave?
7. New York (7-6-3). Angel goals, results have dried up.
8. Columbus (5-5-7). Loss shouldn't deter Crew; Sigi's team is an Eastern contender.
9. Toronto FC (5-7-4). Maintained shutout despite playing with 10 men for 48 minutes.
10. Los Angeles (3-6-4). No MLS games to worry about until Aug. 5, but club will be league's busiest team nonetheless.
11. Colorado (4-8-5). Hopefully Rapids' poor play at DSG Park doesn't carry over to MLS All-Stars.
12. Chicago (4-8-4). There is light at the end of the tunnel, and his name's Cuauhtemoc.
13. Real Salt Lake (1-8-6). Disturbingly awful side.


elopingcamel said...

This has no relevance to this post, but I'm curious: any news on the "big signing" that RSL is supposed to announce today?

Anonymous said...

What missing piece are you referring to, Andrea?

Hmmmm? Do you know something?

L.B. said...

The only name of significance I'd heard tied to RSL was Jay Jay Okocha but I don't know if he's ready to sign or anything close to it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Luis.
The question was meant for you not Andrea.

L.B. said...

There might be something. Don't know who yet.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Jonathan Geissler said...

Just curious, why do you rank KC ahead of NE?

Anonymous said...

Figo? Crespo? Pele? Martin Palermo?
Santiago Munez from the "Goal" movie?

glyconerd said...

Mr. Bueno, how about giving us a hint? Type 1 for ex-real Madrid player, type 2 for balding ex-real Madrid player, type 3 for FMF player, type 4 if you'd rather meet me at UCR's soccer field at 2:00am to exchange 1,000k for secret information. Come on Luis, give us peasants a hint. =]

briguy said...

"Glyconerd": best screen identity on Sideline Views.

Part of me despairs at RBNY's last 8 or so games. Part of me shrugs it off and thinks there's plenty of season left, and we're in good shape.

That's the justifying part of me that can't reasonably argue with the current ranking. Huge test this week against DCU.

FCD turned in one of the most impressive performances of the year. Beckham's hair has nuthin' on Toja.

Nick said...

I believe L.B. might be referring to Veron from Estudiantes/Argentina...If Chivas pulls this off, they will be championship contenders no doubt...

Anonymous said...

Veron? Are you kidding? That guy has major game left despite his age. He's also an ex-teammate of Becks from ManU. His team just won the Apertura in Argentina last year.


glyconerd said...

Doodz, I've read the article linking Veron to LA., but is there anything else out there that confirms CUSA and Veron are in talks?