Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can't please everyone

Here's another soccer blog by a local reporter, Nick Green. The nice thing about a blog smorgasboard is that hopefully everyone is able to find one they like.


Anonymous said...

AC and LB:

I really enjoy your blog. I think you guys do a really good job of reporting MLS happenings and Luis does a good job of keeping things real in his reports of the Mexican team on CNNSI.

One minor suggestion to both of you.

I would be curious to hear your opinions and/or recommendations on how to propertly grow the fan base and the talent pool here in the states for this great sport.

I think we learned from the fiasco of the old soccer league of the 70's that stars near retirement alone won't help the sport grow.

I personally would like to see the MLS do a Mexican or European type of "soccer school" where players actually come to train and play for junior versions of the first division teams with an eye on someday making up the ranks of the organization, rather than the "summer camp" style schools such as the David Beckam one in L.A.

Anyway, I think both of you are very unbiased in your writting and so I would love to hear your take on it.

If you have already written a piece on this, please send me a link.


Anonymous said...

My friend maybe you should go to teams like Red Bull, DC United, Chicago Fire, and Chivas USA for your question about soccer schools. Most teams have some type of youth development programs. An those specific teams already have academy systems well under way. In fact Red Bull will be able to sign 1 of its youth players starting next year with 2 eligible in 2009 etc.

Anonymous said...

You are right... I was unaware of that the league implemented a program last year.

But you also have to wonder how come a rabid soccer fan like myself has not heard of such a thing? Where was the MLS marketing machine for this bit of news?

An mind you, I live in LA where soccer consistently gets better ratings than the hokey and baseball. Sure, it's mostly for Mexican league games, but I'm sure Mexico fans have kids who like soccer too ;-)

Anyway, I stand corrected. Shame on me for not looking deeper into this before opening up my big mouth.