Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Break in league schedule

Chivas USA will play exactly two league games between Saturday's match against Columbus and their Aug. 18 game in Toronto FC.

In some ways, the USOC game against Seattle is important to the regular season so it will give the club an extra game to play and help keep the team fresh.

Still, the club must deal with the schedule regardless.


Gene said...

Luis, it is definitely offtopic, but what do you think about the Earthquakes coming back to MLS? Apparently, it is being reported as a done deal (to be announced tomorrow).

Also, do you think there is any chance the league will switch to single table once it gets to 16 teams?

L.B. said...

I think it would be fantastic if the Earthquakes were to return in 2008. I think the rest of the league misses having that great fan base as part of the league.

If the 'Quakes were to return, it would be better than the last version (well, not on the field right away but in management) because it would be local people and not AEG.

I don't think the league would go to a true single table with no playoffs. MLS Cup is too big an event to get rid of it. I think the playoff format that is in place right now is pretty fair and in essence you have a single table, once you get past the first two teams from each conference.