Thursday, July 12, 2007

American lads move on

I didn't get to see much of the US-Uruguay Under-20 match because of the Mexico-Argentina match. From what I did see and read about the match, though, it seemed like the US struggled and took a step back after wins against Poland and Brazil. In the end, though, the young Americans battled back after allowing a late goal and leveled terms in the 87th and then Michael Bradley won it in extra time.

Here are commentator-less highlights.

And here are extended highlights complete with announcer.


Anonymous said...

The bottomm line, Luis?

The US squad "nutted up" and played tighter after the Uruguayan goal. They demonstrated better fitness and BETTER composure leading up to the winning goal. Other than that, Uruguay outplayed them and had better skill on the ball.
Uruguay looked stupid after the game by provoking the Americans.

Anonymous said...

They also got a bit lucky Uruguay hit the right post at the end of regulation. But I agree they were the more composed group during the extra time.

Anonymous said...

One should have been looking for the US to let down after beating Brazil last friday. So many US youth squads have made the mistake that Poland made which is having a big let down after beating a soocer giant. Our U20s did a great job of waking up and not allowing themselves to become the latet US youth squad to win a group only to lose in the 2nd round knock out phase.

Anonymous said...

Uruguay only have themselves to blame. They were terrible up front and could have been up by at least 2 or 3 and that last minute goal wouldn't have mattered. They should be kicking themselves not the US players.

dimes said...

Does anybody know what that scuffle at the end was all about?