Thursday, May 3, 2007


The more I talk to Maykel Galindo, the more he wins me over. I had just interviewed Jesse Marsch and was waiting for Ante Razov to finish a TV interview when I glanced over and saw Maykel Galindo standing with a group of players. I walked over to him to talk to him about Disneyland and his feelings about the park. He couldn't stop smiling.

Listen to this audio clip of the interview. It's only about a minute long because that's about all the time I had to talk to him. Even if you don't understand him, you can just feel the awe and joy in his voice.

As reporters, we're not supposed to root for teams or players but how can you not cheer on a guy who has overcome so much?

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J.S. said...

Anytime you got a Cuban soccer player that relishes Disneyland and the opportunity to play professionally in the USA, that's a good thing.

Disneyland would have been more fun if he would have scored last Saturday.