Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Random postgame quotes

Frank Yallop - on the red cards in the match

"I think both were red cards. There was that second yellow for Dema and Cobi’s was a red card as well. I wouldn’t argue with that. I wouldn’t say (it was a) stamp. I think he stepped back. He maybe knew he was there, but in the heat of the game, he was trying to step back, but if the player is underneath him, you can’t do that. I think he caught him, I don’t know, I’d have to see the replay. It didn’t look too clever from where I was sitting."

Ante Jazic - about Dane Richards

"I forgot my track spikes at home. You can’t use cleats against him. He’s pretty fast. He gives a lot of guys problems, but in the end we won, so that’s what matters."

Ian Russell - on expectations for the Galaxy

"There’s definitely a lot of pressure, much more so than there was when I was playing in San Jose.

Landon Donovan - on impacting the match as a sub

"As Albright likes to say, ‘You’re making a million dollars – you’d better play that way.’ And it’s true. You’ve got to earn it. I think that way. Even if it’s an Open Cup game where you’re not starting, you still have to earn your keep.”

Chris Albright - on how often he wears the captain's armband

"Not often, but with it comes responsibility. When Landon came on, I could have thrown it to him. I think it fits my arm better than Landon’s. I’ve got bigger muscles."

Steve Cronin - on wearing #0 this year

"No, no meaning. Different options were thrown out there. 22, I’m not going to take 22. That’s Hartman’s number, obviously. I polled my friends and they said, “Why not zero?” So I said ok."

Ante Jazic - on the red card to Cobi Jones

"I saw it. He made a movement to kick backwards, so I guess you could penalize him with a red card, but he didn’t touch him. That’s the referee’s discretion. I’m not going to argue with the call. I don’t want to get fined."

Landon Donovan - on his pre-PK ritual

"It takes a little time, sure. I have to do it – for luck."

Steve Cronin - on being superstitious

"Growing up, I was a really superstitious kid – same music before every game and stuff, but now, I just try to make it happen for myself instead of depending on other things."


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Donovan felt beating 'the Bruce' after 'the Bruce' talked so much crap on him at the WC and blamed him for the team's failures. It must feel good for LD to go out and beat his top ranked team in the league.

mosler said...

Thanks for all the quotes and coverage of the match Andrea. We appreciate it!