Saturday, May 5, 2007

Papa Bear watches the cubs

I asked John Ellinger if one reason he stayed on with Real was to mentor the young players he had brought in to the club. I wondered if his firing, even though he is staying on in some capacity, would be difficult for players like Freddy Adu. Reports out of Salt Lake describe Freddy as very upset by the move.

"I’d still like to see them develop to the consistent pros that I think they can become," said Ellinger of his young talents. "There’s a part of me that would like to stay around and see that happen."

Ellinger hoped they would work well with their new coach.

"Jason is saying what I’ve said – this is a good team. It was just a matter of if hopefully they can get it right – if not on Saturday, then hopefully in Colorado when they go there on Thursday. That part of it is something that Jason will have to deal with now. I think that Jason is someone who is open and approachable. I don’ t think he’ll have any problem with some of these young guys who I brought in. They’ll still feel that they can go up to him. He was captain and Jason did a great job of being captain, with group activities and things to bond the team. Because he did things like that, he’ll help himself as a coach."

RSL is struggling right now versus the Red Bulls. Colorado will be tough on Thursday as well.

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