Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mathis analysis

Clint Mathis had a few thoughts on why the Red Bulls lost steam versus Real Salt Lake in their lat match.

"That was a bit unfortunate. We got a bit complacent, especially after that third goal. They got a PK – the referee made that decision. But we didn’t press hard enough on the guys. We pretty much lost two points instead of gaining one point. It was unfortunate to see, but sometimes that happens. We could be in the same situation later and it works in our favor. With five minutes left, you think the game is over. Then suddenly they get a PK and then we panicked a little bit, thinking, 'Oh goodness, they got a PK and they have four minutes to come at us.' We should have just continued to play and press against them. We quit playing, and it was unfortunate to see that."

He seemed pretty determined that it wouldn't happen again, so the Galaxy need to be sharp as well in this Open Cup game.

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