Wednesday, May 9, 2007


So I didn't stick around at the Galaxy presser. I wanted to go to the Red Bulls locker room, which I did. When we were let in to the locker room, we were asked to talk to Bruce Arena first. It was myself and Bob Holtzman of the Daily Breeze.

It was sort of surreal to be speaking to the former U.S. coach in a small room with just one other reporter after having watched a game like that. I thought how weird it was that just a year ago Bruce had dozens upon dozens of media around him at all times as the US prepared for the World Cup and now here I was with one other reporter talking to him about the game. I will post audio of this later today so keep an ear out for that.

After talking to Bruce, I went over to talk to Todd Dunivant. Dunny's a good guy and always has something to say. Here's audio of what he had to say.

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