Thursday, June 5, 2008

White Hart move

Giovani Dos Santos is on the move.

The Mexican starlet is moving leagues as Barcelona and Tottenham have reportedly agreed on a deal for young Gio.

I don't know that the Premiership is the best option for Dos Santos, though if he wasn't going to play at Barcelona perhaps playing for Tottenham is a better option than not playing at all.


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CACuzcatlan said...

As long as Bojan is a Barca (read: a very long time) Gio wasn't gonna get the playing time he needed to develop. As a Barca fan I welcome this move. He wasn't contributing much and was over hyped. Next year should really settle the Gio vs. Vela debate as both players will be playing in the EPL.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, an English Newspaper (I believe the Daily Mail) said that Gio wanted a pay raise, but Barca didn't want to give it to him till he started making more of an impact.

Anonymous said...

he should do well at tottenham. they've historically been the "flashy" team in the first div/prem. along with luka modric in the middle, lennon on the right and ramos coaching it'll be a pretty exciting mid-field. if berba stays and modric/dos santos acclimate quickly to the prem spurs could push for that elusive fourth spot.

Anonymous said...

Gio needed to leave dysfunctional Barca, way too many stars and too boot, he already thought he was a star before the season ever started. Way too much politics at every level. Dudes in the EPL will knock him down a notch. We'll see what he is made of.

I have faith in his ability to succeed in the EPL and with Spurs. Juande Ramos is brilliant. Look at Sevilla before him and after him.

For those that say he is too small for the EPL, I don't think so, it's more about heart in the EPL, look at Tevez, Scholes, Mascherano, Shawn Wright Phillips, Walcott et...but you do have to have some good wheels and not shy away from tackles, you also have dish some out too.


Christian said...


Gio and Bojan play different positions and if you were a Barca fan you'd know that. Gio is a natural AM or a second forward. He never got to play there except for pre-season and the last game of the season.

He was 18 and was brought up to the first team by Rijkaard along with Bojan because he saw something in them. They were not realistically expected to contribute much in their first season so I don't understand the hate. Believe me, Gio is going to prove a lot of people wrong the same way Fabregas did, just like Pique.

btw the hype came from the same spanish/catalan press that turned its back on him towards the end of the season. not to mention that the kid was carrying an injury since december and just got surgery to repair it.

Barcelona will end up regretting this move although I don't blame them because Gio by no means deserved a pay raise based on his on field performance.

we'll see what happens I guess.

artnsue said...

Can't wait until Arsenal and Vela walk all over the Spuds and Dos Santos next year (as usual)....

Matt said...

artnsue: 5-1.

Dos Santos and Modric are very good signings, but neither one of them addresses the real problem, which is in the back. I'm still hoping the Richard Dunne deal goes through, but it's not looking good.

starinyourfire said...

man i just bought a barcelona jersey with gio's name on it and he's not on the team any more, i was hoping that this wouldn't happen seeing that he is a young player but another question is how many players are barcelona going to sign over the transfer window and how many are they going to let go?

as a fan i hope they have a squad to contest real madrid and go to the champions league final.

Murfmensch said...

Tottenham will be the most dramatic club to follow next year. There will be great losses and wins just like this year.

They are great fun to watch and I predict that fans will love Gio and he will have a great time. Spurs fans reward players like Steed Malbranque who show a desire to win.