Monday, June 30, 2008

London Broil Rankings (June 30)

1. New England (9-4-3). Khelli Dube as influential in win as Steve Ralston.
2. Columbus (8-4-2). Effective Ekpo could give Columbus yet another dimension in already strong midfield.
3. DC United (7-7-1). Rout of Galaxy punctuates DC's return.
4. Toronto FC (6-5-3). Getting closer to success on road.
5. LA Galaxy (6-5-3). Thoroughly whipped by resurgent DC.
6. Chicago (6-5-2). This week's essay winner: 333 Minutes of Ineptitude, by Chad Barrett.
7. New York (5-4-5). Osorio getting the most from one of least talented sides in Eastern Conference.
8. Chivas USA (5-6-3). Can't rely on opposing left back's mistakes for offense every week.

9. Houston (4-4-7). At some point, those ties need to turn into wins.
10. Real Salt Lake (5-6-4). What a horrendous way to drop a road point.
11. FC Dallas (4-6-5). Kenny Cooper can't go it alone.
12. Kansas City (4-5-4). Win can't mask team's offensive struggles.
13. Colorado (5-8-1). Can Rapids just put Clavijo out of his misery?
14. San Jose (3-8-3). No quit... and, uh, no offense... in these guys.

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