Monday, June 30, 2008

In the company of greatness

Marc Stein waxes worshipfully about his charity game experience with Steve Nash, Theirry Henry, etc.
I had to laugh at his description of Kalou, because when I met him at the Beverly Hills Hotel for his official intro as a Chelsea player, that's how he seemed to me. Just a shy teenager, albeit one making millions of dollars. Gotta love the enthusiasm of youth, going to play straight off a plane.
Also, don't ever tell Preki, but when Luis and I participated in the Chivas USA media game last year, we had our own "Omigod!" moments (internally, of course) stepping on the field while he played. Luis was his teammate, and I tried to play defense against him. After the game, we both talked about our favorite Preki moments in his playing career and how lucky we were to see him in action up close and to play with him for one game.

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