Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smarter than your average soccer nut

Are you? Haven't done any Major League Soccer trivia for a bit, so here goes. Don't look it up - just try to answer off the top of your head.
1 - Landon Donovan, who leads MLS with 11 goals, has how many game-winning goals?

2 - Which two coaches have the best win percentages in MLS history?
3 - Is this really a picture of Cesar Alvarado? It's from the MLS Fact and Record Book, by the way.


Edward said...

Hmm, I'll give it a try:

1) No idea really, let's say 5.

2) Hmm, how about Nicol and Schmid?

3) Looks like Arturo Alvarez to me.

A.C. said...

Primo job Edward, because this one was tough. You're right on one of the answers. I'm going to let others guess, or you can take a stab at a revision.

Edward said...

Well after a little research I wouldn't mind changing my first answer to 2; my knowledge of past coaches isn't so great, but maybe Arena is one of the coaches for question #2?

Jon said...

1. 4 GWG
2. Kinnear / Arena (minimum # of games)
3. Arturo Alvarez.

Jonathan Geissler said...

1. i'll take a guess and say 4
2. bob bradley and bruce arena (but is there a minimum amount of games for this answer?)
3. no its alvarez

A.C. said...

To answer jonathan, no, there is no minimum number.

And no one is right on #1 yet, either.

The Hammer said...

1) 0 - Donovan has not had the GWG on any games.

2) Nicol / Yallop

3) Yes. It is.

A.C. said...

The Hammer is right!
On one answer.
No one has the trifecta yet.

Anonymous said...

def not cesar alvarado, whatever happened to him?

Jonathan Geissler said...

so can we hear the answers soon???

A.C. said...

Yep - I was waiting until the comments got to ten.


1 - None, though LD leads the team in game-winning assists.
2 - Ralph Perez and Jorge Espinoza
3 - It's a pic of Arturo Alvarez, though I don't know why.