Monday, June 23, 2008

A Chance rankings

1 – New England – Points clear away from the pack means a blip in form still equals league lead

2 – Columbus Crew – Last year’s team would never have fought like this, and not have succeeded

3 – Los Angeles – Goals in buckets – concessions like the proverbial holes inside them.

4 – Toronto FC – Home is a fortress for TFC

5 – DC United – Even the defenders are scoring now.

6 – Real Salt Lake – Could make history and have winning record for the first time in team history next match.

7 – Chicago Fire – Slumping, wasting Blanco’s skill and looking out of sync

8 – New York Red Bull – Somehow, someway, getting it done without the big guns.

9 – Houston Dynamo – Still looking for solid production from forwards.

10 – Chivas USA – Have Chicago’s number well in hand

11 – Colorado Rapids – Uninspiring, but especially so in scoreless matches.

12 – FC Dallas – Hyndmann is working with some talent, but a new system is disruptive.

13 – Kansas City Wizards – Can’t seem to remember how to win.
14 – San Jose Earthquakes – At least they scored.


Anonymous said...

Chivas USA at #10? why so low?

Oh yeah, I just remembered.

A.C. said...

Yeah, it couldn't possibly be that all the teams ranked above them have more points this season. It's definitely whatever you think you remember.

just another one of you said...

Andrea, I know you get picked on a lot for ever mentioning the Galaxy, but please don't toss this comment into that bucket. I don't see how they would be favorites over #4-7 on your list. Sure all those teams have their warts, but if there was a home and away series would you really pick LA as the favorite over 3/4 of the league? If so, what are you seeing that I'm not?

just another one of you said...

I noticed Luis has them ranked #3 also, so if either of you want to chime in please go ahead. Don't want to seem like I'm singling you out, Andrea.

BTW I think you got it right with Columbus > LA Galaxy given that come from behind tie on the road.

L.B. said...

I can't speak for Andrea but for me I consider my rankings like stocks. Some stocks are sinking and you want to sell them while others that may not be worth as much are climbing and are thus stronger because of it. If the playoffs started today, I don't know that I'd have Toronto in the Eastern Conference final and LA in the Western Conference final. Things change between the last game of the regular season and the playoffs. My rankings are more of a reflection on current form mixed in with records.

A.C. said...

The Galaxy are high on my current list because they score goals like nobody's business. No team in MLS is as prolific. If their guns are firing, I'd take LA over any team in the league, even if the scoreline might be 5-4.

just another one of you said...

both good answers, thanks guys, good to know where you're both coming from.

Could I suggest a new topic for you both? How about each week you each pick a team and tell us what you all would do as GM/TD in order to strengthen said team for a playoff run. For instance LA obviously has an atrocious defense, so what realistic moves would you do to fix the team. And by realistic I mean plausible and not including changing the MLS rules and signing some huge star from Europe/Mexico/S.Amer