Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bri disappointed

I'm not sure that Bri is referring to beating out Hope Solo for a spot on the team - it seems like she is arguing that she is a better choice than Barnhart. Who knows - but Bri is not going gently into that national team goodnight.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but she is not better than Barnhart...Nicole has proved herself to be faster goalkeeper and quite good. Bri is referring all to her experience...but Nicole was always the one who was shafted and not got enough play time. Now that she has...she has proved that she is a good keeper.

Also...if the game is about shot stopping, can she explain the Brazil WC game and the recent Australia game where we lost 3 goals. She is not as fast as she think she is, her reaction is not the same and she is not comfortable getting the ball back at her feet...which messes up the defense and flow of the game.

She might be fitter but she is not better for the type of attack play Pia wants

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Scurry, from Grahame's article:

We were told it would be a clean slate for everybody. I've played in only one game. I don't know if that looks like an opportunity to anybody, but it didn't feel like one to me.

Over the history of the other keepers on the team, there's been not a single time when the keeper behind me wasn't better with her feet than me. They kick a ball farther and whatever, but that's only one aspect of so many that involve goalkeeping.

They [Solo and Barnhart] probably both kick the ball five or 10 yards farther than me, I guess. It's a slightly different style of play, but the style I've done has obviously worked.

At the end of the day, in all the major world championships for men and women, it does end up being about shot stopping.

Bri, just shut up, please! If you're such a great shot-stopper, then where the Hell were you in the WWC semis against Brazil, which turned out to be the WNT's worst loss ever, no thanks to you?!?

There's a fine line between being competitive and being selfish. When you try to use the press to lobby for yourself and when you fail to defend a fellow teammate (Hope Solo) to defuse a potentially devastating situation -- all this seven years after you engaged in the same criticism of another goalkeeper (Siri Mullinix at the Sydney Olympics), then you've gone way past that line.

Do us all a favor, Bri. Retire from the international game. Please. You have embarassed yourself with your play and are continuing to do so with your comments. Sundhage's not stupid. And Solo's right: this isn't 1999 or 2004. Stop living in the past.

ghostwriter said...

I don't think more should be made of this than it merits.

If she didn't want to play she wouldn't be worth a damn. Still, I wonder if this isn't a case where the aging athlete herself, as is often the case, is last one to realize the run is over.

Anonymous said...

i agree ghost on your comment...

"Still, I wonder if this isn't a case where the aging athlete herself, as is often the case, is last one to realize the run is over."

Coach said...

Hey A.C.

Wow, don't drop by for a couple of days and see what one misses!

Thanks for the renewed WNT coverage! As you are aware, I and I'm sure many others missed your WNT coverage! :)

Ghost - thanks for your reference to the new VLOGs in your previous post - I had no idea what you were talking about so I dug deeper & found the 8 of them. While I haven't had time to watch them all yet, be assured A.C., I will. Great stuff!

Andrea, I'm sure you find the various VLOG comments quite interesting to say the least! lol

Anonymous said...

So where are the folks throwing Scurry under the bus for her comments the way Solo was thrown under the bus last summer?

Anonymous said...

Could Brianna Scurry be anymore fucking annoying? Scurry, please God I hate the WNT.

Anonymous said...

i feel that this is kinda disrespectful to's like she is saying that Pia didnt fairly evaluate her and give her enough playing time. But she has to accept that her playing time was cut short, cuz she played bad and other two goalkeepers were just better.

I love her as a person and wish her all the best.

charlton heston said...

Gee I just hope the team doesn't do something unheard of to Bri such as benching her and keeping her from eating, drinking, crapping, sleeping, riding and flying with the rest of the team.

Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

In the "modern" game being good with the feet also refers to your distribution of the ball after receiving it. In that area I remember watching Scurry being barely able to reach the half way line with her punts. This is a serious deficit.