Monday, June 23, 2008

Laurie Berkner Rankings (June 23)

Hey Victor
Hey Freddie
Let's eat some

1. New England (8-4-3). We'll give them the benefit of the doubt against RSL, having played at home just three days prior to the loss.
2. Toronto (6-4-3). Yes, they can't lose at home but can they piece together consecutive high-scoring games? Answer for now is, NO.
3. LA Galaxy (6-4-3). New Galaxy mantra should be: If we score five goals or more, we can't lose!
4. Columbus (7-4-2). Just change his name to Stephen Lionheart.
5. DC United (6-7-1). Won't win jack with Zach in the back.
6. Chivas USA (5-6-2). No goals for Ante but Razov played key role in attack on Thursday.
7. Chicago (6-5-1). Remember when the Fire had the league's best defense?
8. Real Salt Lake (5-5-4). Could this be the year RSL makes the playoffs for first time? First, they've gotta get some consistency on road.
9. New York (5-4-4). Osorio needs to work miracles with no Angel, Reyna and Altidore.
10. Houston (4-4-6). Hardest-working average team in league.
11. Colorado (5-7-1). Here's a team that could use a coaching change.
12. FC Dallas (4-6-4). Bring back Ferruzzi!
13. Kansas City (3-5-4). Won't claw up standings without scoring on goals.
14. San Jose (3-8-2). Even their goals are ugly.


Anonymous said...

Columbus should be rated ahead of galaxy. Galaxy have major defensive issues, giving up big leads in the past home games!

The Hammer said...

I find it troubling that the 2 teams undefeated at home both play in green carpet.

jonelle said...

LOL! love it!!! :)

"Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco
Ate a burrito
With tabasco
They put it on their rice {clap, clap}
They put it on their beans {clap, clap}
On their rutabegas
And on their collard greens..."

lovin' the galaxy up there.