Friday, June 20, 2008

Music of the heart

So I'm not the only soccer writer who hears an internal song or two when thinking of the beautiful game.

It's good to know at least a few of us are weird like that.
What about our readers? What songs come to mind with soccer? Any songs to associate with specific games? Players?


Anonymous said...

an article on earth's greatest athletes

CACuzcatlan said...

My top soccer song is "Ole" by The Bouncing Souls

"We're the Bouncing Souls no one can beat us / we drink beer and wear adidas / anywhere we get the itch / its off to find the proper pitch..."

I have a whole Galaxy mix CD I listen to on game days. But most of the stuff on there are songs about LA, not necessarily about soccer.

Anonymous said...

funny you mention them. Bouncing Souls Gold Record came out right before the 06 World Cup. two forever intertwined for me.

starinyourfire said...

a couple of songs that come to mind at the moment

weezer's song "perfect situation" reminds me of certain players that i really like who don't score for their teams in the opportune moments and lose.

Thrice: the melting point of wax by thrice, when i see a determined player really trying to do all he can on a pitch i hear this song.

Matt said...

"World In Motion"

Obvious? yeah, maybe.


Anonymous said...

'Mas Que Nada' by Tamba Trio

It always makes me want to play in a crowded urban setting...preferably an airport.

-Mike Z