Friday, June 27, 2008

It won't happen again, promise

Yeah, right. But it already happened, so the damage has been done.

UEFA apologized for the blackout during Wednesday's semifinal match between Germany and Turkey. A freak storm caused this freak incident which, officials say, won't happen again.

That's of little consolation to viewers around the world. As Andrea mentioned in her latest edition of Canales Corner, it's puzzling to think that there isn't a backup plan in place, in case something like this happens. Of course, everyone inside the stadium - players, coaches, fans - were oblivious to what happened so they can't exactly stop playing. I mean, it's not basketball where you take about a dozen TV time outs each half.

For me, the game was ruined. It's one thing if you miss a minute or two but to miss that much time and TWO GOALS on top of it, that's preposterous. What made it worse was Rece Davis acting like he was doing us a favor by describing the goals and putting emotion behind it. He should have been sympathetic to us at the very least but instead it was pouring rubbing alcohol over an open wound.

Paul Oberjuerge compared the mishap to the infamous "Heidi Game" that changed the way TV broadcasts NFL games, except Paul argues that it's much worse than that. Can't say I disagree.

Unfortunately, the incident may have put a damper on the tournament. Instead of remembering Euro 2008 for the thrilling matches and surprise runs, the blackout could cast a pall over the tournament for some time to come.

Let's hope Spain and Germany put on a show that everyone can watch and overshadows the television disaster.


FC Uptown said...

There were plenty of irate fans at the Sports Book at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, where I watched it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how close the lightning was to the stadium, but I was wondering at what point do they consider player and fan safety with lightning storms. I remember a Colorado Rapids game and a DC United game that were postponed/delayed because of lightning. I am sure money has a lot to do with it, no way they would postpone a Euro Semifinal

Jim said...

From what I read the lightning was not in Basel (where the game was) but back in Vienna where the equipment was. There was no storm in Basel where the game was being played.

I was at a Champions League game in Barcelona in 2006. It was pouring rain and lightning all around. The game went on and the fans were in the tunnels or under shelter but to me it seemed quite dangerous. Still million dollar (Euro) athletes were on the pitch. I had images of Ronaldinho getting hit by a bolt of lightning.

Anonymous said...

"Disaster"? CHILL. OUT.