Sunday, June 22, 2008

Say you want a Revolution

The Revolution want their Euro TV!

Here's the story from Liz Summers, press officer for the squad.

The Revs were flying to Salt Lake City through Cincinnati, the flight schedule for 4:45. We'd missed the kick-off of Croatia-Turkey on the first leg of the trip and pretty much had assumed that the game was over when we landed in Cincinnati.

When we boarded the second flight, we saw we had TVs in the seats and after we were in the air a few minutes, the guys were flipping through and found the game (scoreless in the 115th minute). Within seconds, the entire travel group had it on each screen. Well, that's when the flight attendant chose to make in-flight announcements, at which time all the TV screens went blank and her audio came over the headsets - and don't think the team didn't make its displeasure known. By the time she was finished, we saw the Croatia player running around cheering his goal, with one minute left in extra time. Thankfully, we all saw what happened next - Turkey's tying goal and then penalties - and the whole team was cheering Turkey on through kicks.

We raised a few eyebrows on the plane because of the cheering and hooting and hollering, but it was taken well when people figured out why. The flight attendant even apologized for interrupting our viewing.

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