Thursday, June 26, 2008

Question for Dallas fans

SoccerAmerica has a look at some overseas players who are apparently interested in a return to MLS, and one name that caught my eye a bit was that of Cory Gibbs. Now, I've seen Gibbs play great with the U.S. national team and think he's a talented player, if rather prone to injury. However, I also got the impression that he didn't put the same effort into his tenure at Dallas. Perhaps it was a case of MLS making a higher-skilled player look bad, but at times, Gibbs just seemed disinterested to me.

Obviously, I'm not watching Dallas exclusively, or even all that closely, so I'm asking Dallas fans - miss Gibbs much? Would you welcome him back with open arms if his allocation fell to you? Or maybe this is more of a general MLS question - fans of any team, who of the Americans on the list Soccer America has would merit an allocation from a team? A DP slot? Any American not on the list that should be trying to get more playing time in MLS?

Don't all fall over yourselves picking McBride all at once.


zenabi said...

Gibbs did fwell with FCD, but I never quite got why he was in such overseas demand (i.e. vs. Bocanegra, who oozed talent). He is a very good man-marker with quick feet, although a bit wiry. Given the annual porosity of our defense he would be welcomed back, but not as a DP. This guy is a John O'Brien/Claudio Reyna injury magnet...we could really use a target forward though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a little off topic. Somebody please tell me that MLS is more popular than the WNBA. I don't know anyone who watches the WNBA, except for Imus. Didn't they go bankrupt? If it wasn't for ESPN Deportes, I would have missed a whole half! This reminds me of the Lakers-Celtic championships of the eighties. It always seemed we'd miss a whole quarter due to some crap programming like auto racing. What's up?

Anonymous said...

I could care less about McBride. I'm hoping FCD has the inside track on Bofo Bautista - he would be a better pick.

A.C. said...

For the life of me, I don't understand why Chivas USA hasn't made a major play for Bofo.