Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gaining acceptance

Turkey's World Cup semifinal run in 2002 may have been written off as a bit lucky but the Turks are back in the final four of a major tournament. And if Germany eases up on Turkey for even one minute as Croatia did, it could cost them a spot in the final.

Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports takes a look at Turkey's run.


Anonymous said...

Turkey is tough, and they are certainly better individually than the Greek team that one the last Euro.

This all shows that in soccer the beautiful game doesn't always win. If it did the Dutch would have won many international competitions. You have to be gritty and tough as well. The real trick is in combining skill and toughness, it doesn't have to be one or the other.

papa beaer said...

If you know anything of the 'delicate' realtionship Germans and Turks have you know the Germans aren't going to take it easy on that team.
If they have an ounce of say in the matter they'll want to pound Turkey 10-0...at the half.
Turkey is going to have to come out blazing and really take it to the German back line.
I'm hoping Germany kicks the living hell out of them.