Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Turfed Out

Sometimes the topic for an article comes up unexpectedly. Went to interview Buddle after the Columbus game, because Ruud Gullit mentioned in his presser that Buddle has changed and become a "real professional." Gullit talked about how Edson came early and stayed late. So Scott French and I brought it up when we talked to Edson in the locker room. He seemed surprised by Ruud's statement

"Who said that, Ruud? He just met me for the first time this year. I’m always here. I’m in no rush. I enjoy being here. I feel like 2001 is around the corner, when I first came into the league. I embrace this."

We asked about his good run, and what he was doing differently to perform well.

"It feels good. I just want to maintain. I know it’s a long season and anything can happen. I want to treat myself well and keep playing. I am healthy. There’s always something, but nothing major that will keep me out.
I try not to change up anything. I just want to continue to do the same things and hopefully, the way the ball is rolling, it’s going my way. I just keep doing the things that prepare me for the game. I think if I do those things, it will add up to bigger things."

That was a bit vague, so Nick Green then asked if Edson could explain what he'd been doing wrong before this recent run of form. Buddle didn't hesitate.

"I was playing on turf, that’s what I was doing wrong. Last year and a half, I was playing on turf."

He went on a little diatribe against synthetic fields, which dovetailed nicely with Canada's national team objecting to playing at BMO field - voila - a rather timely topical piece.


CACuzcatlan said...

MLS and the CSA have to start paying attention. Seattle and New England are the only situations that I give a pass to. NY is moving out next year, as Utah is this year. Toronto should not be playing on turf. Hopefully the govt. will listen and change it after being embarrassed by having their national team refuse to play in their national soccer stadium.

papa bear said...

I wouldn't give Seattle a pass either. That's the one thing I didn't like about Seattle getting a franchise.
Qwest's field is crap too. Not BMO or RBNY crap, but pretty close.

I can't wait for the day when MLS is in a position to demand all teams play on grass. (at least until they develop a syn-turf that is 99% like grass)

Anonymous said...

Notwithstanding the artificial turf, that doesn't explain Edson's time with the Crew. They play on real grass.

iride_mybike said...

During his time with the Crew he scored 45 goals in 5 seasons. Not too shabby. In a year and a half on turf @ NJ/Tor he scored 6. So what is your point? How many other guys in MLS can put up 45 over 5 years? Not many.

A.C. said...

Yeah, considering the weather in Europe, especially England, I don't give a pass to any teams - Grass can be especially graded to drain well, and therefore alleviate much of the issue - or they can cover the field, like they do at Wimbledon and for baseball.

FC Uptown said...

Outstanding article. Toronto made a few few wrong calls when they built that stadium, the worst being the turf. Obviously, BMO isn't big enough either - Toronto FC is walking away from a lot of money right now (10k people a game turned away?) - more money than they now make in the offseason renting the field out to kiddie teams. Expand the stadium and take out the turf. They've got the money too. Garber should order this.

Seattle is a murkier situation. They just bought new FieldTurf (like New England). The old field was unbelievably Utah-style bad. Qwest is a great stadium, but like New England, unless they get grass or a new stadium, nothing will change. NFL ownership is preventing a grass-only MLS.