Monday, June 23, 2008

Write-free morning

I'm trying to write my Press-Enterprise column but nothing's coming out. I don't exactly have writer's block, just a case of the blahs.

Anyway, while I try and break out of the Monday morning doldrums, here are some links to keep both of us occupied:'s Kyle McCarthy looks back at the weekend in MLS and breaks down the Galaxy's defensive miscues. It's always good to get an outsider's view of the local sides because it either reaffirms what we think or makes us wonder what the hell they're watching. In this case, it's reaffirmation of what I feel plagues the Galaxy's defense.

Soccernet's Jeff Carlisle's take on the US-Barbados game. Not much of a game, really. There wasn't really any intrigue and the players lacked cohesion and rhythm, which is what you would expect from a team that was thrown together during the week. You've got to wonder if MLS is hampering the development of the US national team some by playing a full slate of games during such international weekends. Would it have been necesssary to take the same team that whipped up on Barbados 8-0 down to the Caribbean to finish off the job? Obviously, that wasn't vital in helping the US advance. But it would have helped the players from some sort of continuity. I mean, you only get so many chances to have your full squad together but you can't because Houston plays at Colorado and the Galaxy hosts Columbus but since Chicago played Thursday you are able to bring in Chad Barrett who doesn't deserve to go anywhere near the senior team with the way he's playing.

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