Sunday, June 29, 2008

All speed, no glory?

Dane Richards played a key role in New York's 1-1 draw with Chivas USA on Saturday. He gave Chivas USA fits in the first half with his speed and play along Chivas' left side, as he drew a yellow card and set up the set piece that led to the Red Bulls' only goal.

Just how good is Richards?

Chivas midfielder Jesse Marsch isn't about to pencil Richards in on the league's Best XI anytime soon.

Marsch was asked what makes Richards tough to deal with after the match and said:

Speed. Pure speed. Not to discredit him in any way but he's just a fast guy. That's what he is. It's not like you're dealing with him being creative or him being alert or him being a playmaker. He's just fast. If you're smart and you understand how to play against speed, it's not difficult. How many times did you see Claudio (Suarez) get beat by him? Never because he knows how to play against fast guys.


Ted said...

Marsch has it right on. The guy's first touch (and really any touch) is horrible, and his finishing is even worse.

A.C. said...

Maybe not Suarez, but Dane was beating other guys on Chivas USA's back line. I'd like to think Dane hears about Jesse's comments and works like crazy on his touch and finishing -- he'd be a damn good player.

Matt said...

When these teams played in New York, Richards repeatedly burned the emergency left-back Panchito Mendoza (Pete Brown of CSRN saw it differently). Last night, about the fifth minute, Richards blew by Mendoza again, and I said "mmm-HM." ;)

Richards and Aaron Lennon of Spurs are basically the same player -- little guys, really fast, can beat anyone on the dribble, lousy passers.