Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last chance to vote!

Final call for ballot help. I've got to turn my ballot in this week. The tally as it stands.

Matt Reis 9, Jon Busch 8, Kevin Hartman 1

Bakary Soumare 11, Frankie Hejduk 9,Chad Marshall 8, Michael Parkhurst 8, Gonzalo Segares 8, Sean Franklin 5, Jimmy Conrad 3, Facundo Erpen 1, Marco Velez 1, Marvell Wynne 1, Abel Xavier 1.

David Beckham 18, Cuauhtemoc Blanco 16, Shalrie Joseph 12, Robbie Rogers 12, Javier Morales 5, Kyle Beckerman 4, Maurice Edu 4, Dwayne De Rosario 3, Guillermo Barros Schelotto 2, Andre Rocha 2, Marcelo Gallardo 1, Stuart Holden 1, Sacha Kljsetan 1, Justin Mapp 1, Pablo Mastroeni 1, Steve Ralston 1, Pablo Richetti 1, Laurent Robert 1, Clyde Simms 1, Andy Williams 1.

Landon Donovan 18, Kenny Cooper 15, Edson Buddle 2.


ted said...

Goalkeeper: Matt Reis
Defender: Gonzalo Segares, Frankie Hejduk, Michael Parkhurst
Midfielder: David Beckham, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Javier Morales, Robbie Rogers, Kyle Beckerman
Forward: Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper

QJA said...


Soumare, Hedjuk, Parkhurst

Beckham, Blanco, Schelotto, Gallardo, Kljestan

Donovan, Cooper

EdTheRed said...

GK: Reis

D: Soumare, Marshall, Parkhurst

M: Beckham, Blanco, Simms, Beckerman, Joseph

F: Donovan, Emilio

Emilio's brace today gives him 10 on the season, 9 in the last 6 games. Good enough for my vote. Honorable mention to Cooper and Buddle.

Amanda said...

MF: Rogers

Jonathan Geissler said...

hey luis or andrea,
the red bulls committed 31 fouls last night!!!!! 31!
do u know if that might be a record?

Joey1 said...

GK: Reis

D: Hejduk, Parkhurst, Marshall
M: Beckham, Kljestan, Blanco, Morales, Rogers
F: Donovan, Cooper

Simms? Really? Did you vote for Corrales too?

YankatOxford said...

GK: Reis

DF: Parkhurst, Hejduk, Soumare

MF: Beckham, Blanco, Joseph, Schelotto, Gallardo

FW: Donovan, Emilio

Tacologic said...


Soumare, Hejduk, Segares

Beckham, Blanco, Schelotto, Joseph, Kljestan

Donovan, Emilio

Anonymous said...

Goaly: Busch
Defender: Gonzalo Segares, Herpen, Conrad
Midfield: David Beckham, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Javier Morales, Robbie Rogers, Guillermo Barros Schelotto
Forward: Landon Donovan, Cooper