Thursday, June 5, 2008

What will Jozy do?

Succeed with Villareal? Play in Olympics? What is in store? Speculate away.


papa bear said...

unfortunately, if Nowak wants Altidore for the Olympics he gets him. Nothing Villareal says can stop that.
Of course that would probably take him off the table for non-FIFA date friendlies but I have to imagine that his involvement with the Olympic team was discussed before hand.

A.C. said...

Actually, maybe he doesn't get him, because the Olympics are not FIFA mandated at all, so clubs are not obliged to release players for the Olympics like they are for FIFA competitions like the U20 World Cup or something.

just another one of you said...

Villareal wants him to get playing time against better competition, hence the loan to Huelva. The Olympics provides better competition. John Harkes might know a lot of things, but if you watch the video closely you'll notice that he refers to no sources in Spain or elsewhere and practically convinces himself on air that Jozy will not be playing in the Olympics.

As you said, Andrea- speculate away.

delfin1 said...

I agree that Harkes doesn't provide any sources other than "it seems logical that..". I think Jozy plays in the Olympics if he really wants to, & stipulates it as part of the personal terms Villareal has to agree on before the contract is finalized. I think given the fatigue he admitted, and the amount of change and work he has ahead of him in La Liga, he should pass on the Olympics and focus on his new gig, taking the summer to adjust to everything. The Olympics will be there again in 4 years time and can choose to do it then.