Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Implications of a statement

"I want to stress that Villarreal’s evaluation of Jozy came not from his time with the national teams, but from his play in M.L.S."
Ivan Gazidis

Why would he want to stress that? What does it mean? What does he want it to mean? Thoughts?


L.B. said...

I think he means that the people in Spain subscribe to and also consider it a good deal.

Actually, he's trying to pump up MLS. Who knows if he's telling the truth? Altidore has done well with the US national teams he's played on, so it's possible Villarreal people caught wind of him there first.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's more trying to convince himself that Villareal was interested more in his MLS performances than his youth national team performances. If he's alluding to Altidore's performances this season, then I think he's completely full of it.

I think it's more plausible to believe that Villareal noticed him during the U-20 World Cup and have been keeping tabs on him since then. Seems like a sad and desperate way to pimp the MLS to be honest.

Anonymous said...

god knows the mls needs some pimping

Gabriel in Argentina said...

I think it is clear what he means..Villareal would not buy a player based on a few national team performances..they watched him in MLS..talked to Osorio..watched film of him in MLS..what is it you do not understand?

FC Uptown said...

What is he saying? Well, the transfer market is about to open right? He is telling European teams that there is a vast untapped source of talent in MLS ready to be mined, so don't limit your search for talent to only watching US film and only seeing a few players. MLS is open for business.

papa bear said...

anon @ 10:09 PM: Jozy is RBNY's leading scorer this year and knocked in a beauty against Chicago who are by far the toughest defending team in the league. I'd say judging his form this year is perfectly valid as its been great when he's been healthy.

I think Ivan is more trying to get the 14-15 year olds who are considering hopping overseas or to Mexico to get noticed to stay in the US and hook up with MLS youth teams. Let's face it, we have a GIANT problem with young prospects doing that at the moment when they aren't brought into Bradenton.

I'm sure it's also to perhaps get more Europeans interested in following the league to see who their team could target next thereby pulling in more website revenue and driving a market for a European TV deal.

just another one of you said...

FC uptown hit it on the head.

say it with me now, feed-er-league

Jon E said...

Yeah, he's pimping the MLS. But not in a subtle or especially plausible way.

If Villareal has agreed $10m for a player without bothering to at least buy some DVDs of his various youth and senior national team games, everybody involved with the club's scouting and signing should be fired.