Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Streamer self-control

Here's my theory on why MLS admins were so lenient with the streamer-covered corner kicks in the first place, though Garber is trying to clamp down now. It's hard to put the water back if it has breached the dam already.

So far, Garber's new edict doesn't seem to have had much effect, at least in Columbus - which means that of course, MLS has to then consider the consequences.

My take is that if streamers get banned completely because some fans can't accept any limits on them, it's a shame, but at least this time, the supporters have been warned in advance.


Senor Snarky said...

Me parece un estupidez si no permiten a los hinchas que usen tiras o papel.

Esos pendejos de Columbus simplemente cagaron el palo para los de mas.


Anonymous said...

You really need to let this one go. We get it you hate streamers so of us like it. Though not this particular poster. But you have made this issue bigger then it is b/c of your dislike of the practice.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree AC you have beaten this thing to death with a stick. Next.

Senor Snarky said...

Me parece que estos bloggers anonimos no les gustan que les digan la verdad.

El Senor Garber todavia no sabe lo que es ser hincha en los estados unidos. Hay libertad de expresion y hay reglas(o leyes), es un balance fino.

A.C. said...

Senor S,

de acuerdo con lo que tu digas. A veces eso es como yo sabe que estoy diciendo algo importante - porque algunos se enfaden y dicen "Porque no te calles?"

Y si, pienso tambien que parte de la problema empezo con la ignorancia de Garber sobre las hinchas y lo que es bueno o tiene peligro potencial.

Dan Haug said...

I don't see any problem with your posts on this. Whether you agree or disagree, I found the article you linked to interesting on two fronts:

1. It's very complimentary of the "soccer experience", which isn't always the case with these sorts of things.

2. It is so clearly in favor of streamers regardless of the effect on play.

Senor Snarky said...

Estoy muy acuerdo con tu opinion sobre esto, Andrea.

No te calles!!