Saturday, June 7, 2008

Racing for it

Besides soccer, I'm also a bit of a horse-racing fan, and for years now, I've watched various ones take their shot at the Triple Crown. Big Brown was only the latest one and had the chance to break the 30-year jinx at the Belmont.
My friends didn't really care about it, but I was hosting them for lunch, so they humored me while I sang along to "New York, New York" and watched the horses get set for the race. One horse did take the race, leading wire-to-wire, but it wasn't Big Brown.
Luis ran today, too. His first road race, part of his journey to better health and becoming a bona-fide runner. Congratulations, my friend. Sometimes history is set in personal milestones.

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RHYbread said...

Congrats to LB. Finishing your first race is a very special thing. I still remember exactly how I ran and felt during my first race, probably one of the most formative experiences in my life.