Friday, June 6, 2008

Dream on

Dream until your dreams come true.

Then work like hell for every chance that comes. I remember when Guillermo Gonzalez was going to be the great Mexican-American soccer hope coming out of Southern California. He played on U.S. youth teams - was the midfielder feeding the ball to Freddy Adu. He got drafted with a nice fat salary to the Los Angeles Galaxy while still a teenager. He didn't have the work ethic of Jorge Flores, though. He gained weight and was out of the league even before his contract was up, having only played in a few games.
For all the people who point out how some players in MLS get pitiful salaries - don't forget to take note of those who sign contracts that are sizable, but never pan out. There are bargains and there are busts.


Anonymous said...

what's memo up to these days? i sure hope he saved/invested his $100K a year salary wisely and planned for a non-soccer related career. his attitude on the pitch though doesn't give me much hope.

Mr. Snarky said...

You should have written this article, AC. Flores is living a true dream.
Too bad you're such a Galaxy homer.

A.C. said...

I've already written an article on Flores - I finished it last week. I wrote it for Futbol Mundial, however, and the magazine doesn't publish as often as does the NY Times. Look for it in the next issue.