Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mexico 4, Peru 0

Says the worried Belize player to Peru, "You shouldn't have inflated [El Tri] so much - now I'll have to pay the consequences."

And yes, Oswaldo Sanchez was arrested.


Anonymous said...

So where is his mug shot? Love to see that.

Saturdays.Hero said...

I still dont see why the FMF and others are touting the Belize series as pivotal. Sure they might be being diplomatic, but we all know Belize will get crushed. The real qualifying starts in the group stage. I heard if Honduras win their series they will be drawn into Mexicos group. That will be quite the set of games

Anonymous said...

the next round would be:

jamaica, honduras, canada, mexico

no walk in the park for mexico here... la sele will be tested and tested early.

saludos, d

Anonymous said...

Maybe a good thing for Mexico. Too much of a hot head and now a chance for Ochoa to shine. Funny how AP said that Sanchez was "A goalie for Mexico's national soccer team" and not "the" goalie. Maybe they know better.