Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Across the pond

For a few weeks now, one colleague has been absent from Galaxy home games. For now, it seems that Martin Rogers has put MLS way back on his list of priorities as Rogers is covering Euro 2008.

As always, Rogers has produced a string of quality stories that will help the casual fan follow the tournament better or the knowledgeable fan gain some sort of insight on the tournament. His latest effort is a piece on Greek manager Otto Rehhagel. Greece plays Sweden while Spain faces Russia in Group D matches on Tuesday.

Monday, he wrote a great story on how Italy collapsed without Fabio Cannavaro after falling behind to the Netherlands early.

Anyway, check out Rogers' columns as well as his blog for Euro 2008 coverage.

Of course, also check out SI.com for more coverage of the tourney, which includes a blog by Grant Wahl.


A.C. said...

Martin is also back in England for the birth of his first child.

Martin Rogers said...

hey guys, hope you're both well. You're too nice to me....!!!

A.C. said...

Aw, Martin! We miss you, even as we envy that you're covering the Euros. Congrats on the baby and hope everything goes great on the day you become a proud papa!

L.B. said...

Yeah, it will be cool to have a fellow dad-of-young-children in the press box. I think I'm the only regular out there that has kids under 5.