Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jozy, Jozy, Jozy!

A lovely day for mellow yellow.

They spelled it right.

AP's take.

Interesting news - Villa is looking at keeping Jozy on the team proper, rather than loaning him out.

I'll bet Jozy got translated into Spanish and then back into English here.


Anonymous said...

The last link made it sound like Jozy would probably be playing in the olympics still. Any truth to this?

A.C. said...

Well, the U.S. wants him, Jozy wants to play, so unless Villarreal wants to be an ogre about it (and it doesn't sound like they'll do that) it seems likely.

I think a lot of it will depend on health. Villa won't feel like letting him go if Jozy has even a little nick.

Anonymous said...

can you say landon donovan revisited?
he wont hang in la liga. he's just not suited for it.

see you soon, jozy.

Anonymous said...

I think Jozy is suited for it just fine, the issue is if he stays at Villarreal instead of being loaned out, I don't see how he'd find any playing time ahead of Franco, Kahveci, Tomasson, and Rossi.