Monday, June 16, 2008

International absences

In most countries, when the national team plays a World Cup qualifier the league shuts down. But the US is not most countries and MLS plowed on through its league schedule as if the US national team did not have its most important activity in about a year.

Consequently, MLS teams had to deal with international absences. Here's how Chivas USA handled theirs.


Anonymous said...

surely the fans that would have abandoned MLS if the league were to take international hiatus's have long since gone.

i'd much rather see a few more wednesday/saturday matches with the full compliment of players than stick to a strict schedule of weekly saturday matches filled with the reserve roster.

papa bear said...

they really need to do somehting about this. Perhaps shedule USOC qualifying games on these days or those money grab 'club friendlies' with the B-team.

There are so many teams in their own building now, I find it hard to believe that we aren't near a point where they can fix that.

All I know is they need to not play during the World Cup again, that is just bush league. I don't care about playing in the summer, I get that. Playing through the World Cup is just stupid.