Friday, June 13, 2008

Info at random

Emoticon Workout

:( Cat Whitehill is out for the Olympics with an ACL tear.

:o Maykel Galindo is out until around August due to sports hernia surgery.

:/ Becks can't really bring himself to watch Euro tourney games - still bummed that England is out.

;) Outside the HDC - "Canales! How have you been?" Who'da thunk it - Peter Nowak. I go over to say hi, and he's immediately distracted by a passing Sean Franklin. "Sean! How are you? I've been watching you - I've been watching your games. I've got my eye on you. Play well."

;0 Ante Jazic, passes by after the Croatia win, and I ask if he's celebrating yet: "Sure! Well, not yet, later."

:> Steve Cronin (preparing for a charity supermarket sweep event): "It's the expensive stuff that adds up the fastest - so I'm grabbing meat and cheese. Wedges of cheese."

:) A catering truck pulls up at the HDC grounds to film a GEICO commercial. A few workers peek over the fence at a Galaxy scrimmage as Beckham takes a corner that leads to a goal. The workers holler a chorus of "Ole!"

: ] Freddy Adu finishes up interviews and walks off the field to fans waiting for his autograph. "Freddy, you're the future of U.S. soccer." says one. "No, Freddy, you need to start now," says another.

:O Playboy was at the HDC - but don't get too excited. A writer showed up to do a profile on Becks.


Rudy said...

Hey A.C., can you try and get Ruud's thoughts on the Netherlands play at Euro?

A.C. said...

I did. I'll post those later.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Canales you are wonderful.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I know this sound's cruel, but I think Whitehill's injury is karmic payback, divine retribution or whatever for her abandoning her "best friend," Hope Solo, in the midst of all the controversy surrounding her comments.

For Whitehill to claim as she did that Solo was manipulating her father's death for personal purposes was despicable.

Frankly, I hope the U.S. goes three and out at the Olympics. It would be justifiable payback for the conspiratorial, callous way they treated Solo.

Unfortunately, such a turn of events would mean that a fine coach like Sundhage would be fired -- and who knows what kind of lemming the federation would hire in her place?

A.C. said...

Yeah, I'm not sure it would help Solo to get over her heartbreak to get stiffed on a gold medal. Barring injury, she's the likely starter for the Games.