Friday, June 13, 2008

Bad timing

I don't expect a good crowd for the U.S./Barbados match. Some of that is no doubt due to the opponent - quite a few fans came out to cheer the U.S. versus Argentina. It's different for a country ranked hundreds of places below that.

But I think LA will get blamed as a bad venue for national team games, which I don't believe it is. People here really like soccer and come out for games.

This is Lakerland, though. This year more than ever, the city is crazy about the purple'n gold. It's not just because it's versus the Celtics, or that the Spanish-speaking community loves Pau Gasol, it's a fever. Laker car flags are everywhere.

Kobi may support soccer as his childhood pastime, and he's friends with Becks, but his team is doing theU.S. team no favors. It doesn't matter that there's plenty of people in Los Angeles to fill the Staples Center and the Home Depot Center many times over. In LA, people will be watching on TV as the do-or-die game goes on. I've already turned down invites to several Laker parties.

It's a conflicting coincidence, but it's probably one that will cause LA to lose future qualifying games to other cities.


Jim said...

A lot of competition on Sunday. We have been having great weather lately so good day to go to the HDC and catch some rays as well. At the same time it is father's day so a day sailing, BBQ at the park, or a day at the beach might beat out the Lakers as well. I have been to a few USMNT games at the HDC during the day and they just never draw well. We are spoiled here in the Southland with the great weather.

Beax Speax said...

Laker parties or wakes? The roundball doesn't tipoff until 6 p.m. That's plenty of time to catch both. I'm looking forward to seeing a world cup qualifier in LA for a change, even if it's against a country that has to take out ads to find players.

DPope said...

The reason L.A. is a bad venue for the U.S. vs. CONCACAF opponents is because of its overwhelming Hispanic population. No fans show up at those games to support the U.S. We've all seen it.

The U.S. should play every home game in Denver or Minneapolis. Maybe ask Canada if they can sked some dates in Edmonton or the Yukon Territory.

starinyourfire said...

as big as a sports town LA is i'm kinda sad they're aren't bigger numbers for soccer games, the one thing that is bugging me about the playoffs is that they always have games on a sunday and give teams a 3 day off just so games could be played on a sunday, the lakers didn't get that in boston why should they get it here.

i maybe biased since i don't like any boston teams but there is a good point there. i really wish more people would see the national team play here but then again i know they don't play in LA when the other teams fans come in droves and out numbering US fans =/

A.C. said...

DPope, Barbados is not a Hispanic country - and by the way, there are a lot of Hispanic fans in the U.S. soccer crowd. Fans of all kinds are responsible for low attendance. But the truth is - the U.S. team draws decently in LA - but I don't think it will this Sunday.

8bitjeff said...

I've been a Laker fan all my life, but I still bought 5 ticket to see the first Qualifier here in years.

Anonymous said...

La is a horible place for a game. try RFK and you will get at least 25k for the game. RFK loves its natonial team and LA NORTE is always there for them. LA will have 10k people with a dull atmosphere. Its as clear as day. even Columbus has a bigger supporters group than the galaxy. and when push comes to shove its those supporters who always make it to the big games.

CAda dia te quiero mas
Yo Soy del US
Es un sentimiento que no puedo parrar

Rudy said...

Um, the L.A. supporters groups alone probably eclipse the average TOTAL ATTENDANCE for Crew games.

This should have been a night game though, the attendance at those C squad matches against Denmark and Sweden was much better at the Sweden night game.

Daytime games blow, in my opinion.