Saturday, June 14, 2008

Galaxy/Earthquakes running blog

Starting Galaxy lineup: Steve Cronin, Chris Klein, Sean Franklin, Abel Xavier, Mike Randolph, David Beckham, Alvaro Pires, Josh Tudela, Ante Jazic, Ely Allen, Edson Buddle,

Starting Earthquakes lineup: Joe Cannon, Adam Smarte, Ryan Cochrane, Jason Hernandez, Eric Denton, Ronnie O'Brien, Ned Grabavoy, Kelly Gray Ramiro Corales, John Cunliffe, Ryan Johnson.

The Riot Squad is set up in their own little section of the stadium, which seems like smart planning. The rest of the stadium, barring the uppermost deck is more or less all Earthquake blue. Three Quake starting players are former Galaxy guys - Ned, Kelly, and Joe. Steve's the only former Quake starting for the Galaxy.

Apparently they just played the Raider's music to welcome the Quakes - ACDC. Who knows which song?
3 - Denton slide-tackles Klein, saving a Galaxy attack into the box.
4 - The Casbah is opposite of the Riot Squad, and they're drumming, too, so there's quite a bit of sound, if not fury, to this match.
5- Galaxy FK to a G CK, Becks takes both. Corner cleared.
6- GOAL! Buddle scores. Beckham serves ball in, Tudela with a layoff header to Buddle, who volleys it straight out of the air, outside of the box on the right edge. Side netting. 1-0 Galaxy
9 - Now the Galaxy fans are louder. The Quake fans are understandably bummed.
11 - Quake CK. Cronin catches. He and Troy Roberts are from the area and have a bunch of family at the game. Well, to be specific, Troy also has his brother, Jamil, here on the Quakes bench.
14 - Xavier blocks a ball out for a throw instead of a corner. It starts a Galaxy counter, but the effort is snuffed.
15 - Quake fans are cheering, not because the team is on the attack but because the winning section gets a free burger coupons from In-n-Out. Section 213 won.
17 - Alvaro Pires is down. He's back up.
19 - Off the post! Ely Allen.
21 - The Galaxy are controlling the play, but the Quakes are organized on defense. Pires breaks through and his cross is blocked out for a corner.
23 - Off a throw, Ely to Klein to Ely to Buddle, whose shot is high.
25 - Pass to Johnson in the box - shot! Save Cronin, who takes his time getting up with it.
25 - Shot Becks! High. Buddle took the ball down and laid it off for Beckham, but he put too much mustard on it.
27 - Quake FT, becomes a corner. It's cleared.
30 - Competing drum themes from the supporters. It's like a drum-off.
31 - It's weird to be watching the game from an angle. If you're watching the game and can see the infield outline, the pressbox is located behind home plate. Not directly there, but generally.
33 - The cross of Klein gets cutoff for a coner. Becks pushes a steamer out of his way before taking it. Joe Cannon catches.
36 - Becks is walking, holding the back of his thigh. Could be a strain of some kind. Uh, oh.
37 - O'Brien FK nearly finds its target in the box, but the Galaxy clear.
39 - Quake corner. Cleared.
40 - Cunliffe fouls Jazic from behind - gets a yellow.
42 - Cunliffe on a break-away from a backheel by Johnson.
44 - Buddle earns another Galaxy corner, but it's cleared. Ball gets sent back in, Becks reaches it, but can't control the cross.
45 - Jazic is down. Smarte, who is making his MLS debut, pick up the yellow.
45 + Ball in the Galaxy box! Quakes can't get a shot off, though, and the Galaxy escape.
Halftime - The Galaxy should be up by more goals. The longer the Quakes are within reach, the more likely they'll grab a goal.
51 - Salinas is coming on for Cunliffe.
53 - Quakes are looking more lively, putting the ball in the Galaxy's half a lot more.
55 - Johnson gets behind the Galaxy D - but his cross misses other Quake attackers.
58 - Quake corner - nearly bears fruit.
59 - Joe Vide comes in for Smarte.
60 - Ely gets a yellow and Kelly takes a shot.
62 - Buffalo soldier gets a yellow for a tackle.
63 - Ryan Johnson then gets a yellow for a foul on Cronin, who went tumbling, but still kept the ball.
64 - GOAL! Ely to Ante, who crosses for Buddle who puts the ball away clean. 2-0 Galaxy.
65 - Shot by Salinas in the box - is wide.
66 - Ante's shot is weak and right at his old roommate, Cannon.
68 - GOAL! Buddle jumps for the Mike Randolph cross. Ante played Mike in. 3-0. Buddle hat trick.
72 - Official attendance is 39,872. It's the largest single-gme crowd in San Jose history. Some in the pressbox are asking about why doesn't Buddle get a call from Bob Bradley.
75 - Xavier is down. Jamil Roberts is in for Cochrane. At least the Roberts family gets to see one of their own in action.
78 - So far, the Galaxy are protecting this 3-0 lead much better than they did their last one.
79 - Becks stands over a FK and fakes everyone out by not going for goal.
81 - O'Brien FK, Corrales connects, but it's over the bar.
83 - Quakes searching for a consolation goal a bit frantically.
84 - If Cronin can keep the shutout, it will be his second on the season. His first came against the Quakes as well.
86 - Buddle! In behind the defense, misses just barely wide.
88 - The Galaxy makeshift midfield has performed well this game. Shot by Gray, just wide.
Becks is coming off. Troy comes in. The bros are facing off.
90 - The Galaxy fans are celebrating. One final Quake attack into the Galaxy box is held off.

Final whistle. A nice complete game by the Galaxy, even without some of their stars.


starinyourfire said...

that song would be Hells Bells i believe.

good to see the team off to a good start!

Rich21 said...

Raider theme? I'd say either the theme to "The Three Stooges" or a clip of a toilet flushing. :D

Golazo by Buddle, but Tudela deserves credit for not only laying off the header but fighting for possession that led to the build-up. Oh yeah, that #23 is a pretty good passer!

A.C. said...

Starinyourfire is right!

Phillip said...

And this is why I believe Landon is off....

Anonymous said...


I was wondering, and would love to see your response in something article length, about the role Ruud Gullit has had in the Galaxy's success this year. A number of skeptics, myself included, thought the team would more or less be a sideshow this year, but we've been proven wrong as LA is playing some entertaining soccer. Some might even call it sexy. I guess my wonder is to what degree that is the manager's doing.


Nic in Austin

RHYbread said...

If only Buddle had chipped that last one...

starinyourfire said...

i know this is off the subject but if the espn match tracker is right Guatemala won 6 - 0 and Carlos Ruiz scored 4 goals

tsingletonvt said...

Andrea, On tv they mentioned that Clint Mathis has been training with LA. Is there anything more to this story?

Anonymous said...

Andrea, glad you were in San Jose - nice matchtracker....thanks

CACuzcatlan said...

I was in the Riot Squad / ACB section (my first time standing with a supporter's group) and it was amazing. I talked to a friend after the game who was in the 3rd deck at midfield and he said he heard us singing and chanting from where he was sitting. Sounds like we really outdid San Jose fans in their own home in every way.

San Jose broke their attendance record. New record is 39,872

Anonymous said...

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