Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aduing it right

Before I left on my trip, I filed a Freddy Adu piece that's up now.


Dan Haug said...

Nice piece...

I just want to point out that, although it sounds nice to wrap up the story with a line about how Freddy may be ready to drive the US offense, I think that this is a bit of hyperbole. While he looks dangerous and creative at times, Freddy's decision making is still pretty suspect at times.

I think a more likely role for Freddy right now would be as an offensive sub.

I'm hoping he gets more playing time at Benfica over the next year so he can develop a little more confidence and better judgement.

MHB said...

great piece, especially your parsing of the US fear of failure when it comes to our often dull style of play. what I'm curious about is if you think there are US players playing in the MLS to the detriment of both
their own development and that of the US national team?

A.C. said...

That's an impossible-to-answer hypothetical. Some people thought that playing in Fulham would set Dempsey and EJ free to really blossom - yet they're not really better or worse than before they left MLS.